Adaptive Mobile Robotic Transport Platform for Large 3D Shop Floor and Field Operations

This project seeks to develop a mobile robotic welding solution that is portable, light-weight and able to perform its tasks autonomously at elevated locations.  Traditional robot welding solutions are highly constrained, as it requires the worker to move the welding part to a stationary robot unit. This is highly inefficient for huge workpieces (e.g. nuclear pressure vessel) or hard to reach welds (e.g. TKY Joints of offshore structure).  Today, human welders are still used to carry out these time consuming, repetitive and dangerous jobs. Automating it will help improve productivity and safety of the workers.


Systems Technology for Autonomous Reconnaissance and Surveillance

We aim to develop autonomous bio-inspired miniature systems that mimic individual and collective insect or small animal behavior for surveillance tasks in urban environments, commencing with terrestrial vehicles for indoor settings and moving into transformable terrestrial-aerial vehicles for indoor-outdoor settings.  Our goal is to a system that is able to roll, crawl and climb.

roll  Crawl  Climb

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